Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Truthies: Why I Didn't Change My Profile Pic to " = "

Remember some time ago when everyone was changing their Facebook profile pictures to the equal sign with the red background to support same sex marriage? Well even though I think marriage equality for all should be a given, I couldn't jump on the bandwagon and change the picture. And I feel a lot of people probably thought this way too even if they were mega supporters like me.

When you first change your profile picture to the " = " you feel awesome. But then a few weeks pass by and you're hanging out with your friends at an instagram-worthy place with perfect everything and they take the most amazing photo of you that makes you look beyond effable. Of course the initial reaction you're going to have is "OMG I have to make this my profile pic!!" like what every other human would do. And this is when you realize your previous pic was something meaningful a.k.a. the " = ". Now begins the internal battle of whether you change your photo to some super hot picture of yourself and risk getting seen as a narcissistic asshole for choosing look how pretty I am over I support equality. See how nothing good can come from this. I think the knowledge of me being a vain schmuck should be revealed in person after I gave them an impeccable first impression. 

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